The Bar Stool Preachers - Choose My Friends b/w Raced Through Berlin 7"

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To tease the upcoming full-length release ("Grazie Governo”), BSP filmed a TRILOGY of music videos and Pirates Press Records released three corresponding Picture Flexis that are being distributed for FREE through record stores and mailorders all over the world. This 7” single takes that one step further, and pair each track with a B-side, and create some amazing merch items for the band’s endless touring brigade in the leadup to the album release this summer.

B.S.P. has already traveled a LOT of miles sharing their tunes and energy with thousands and thousands of people, and with the release of these new tracks, and the followup LP/CD, they’ve got the van gassed up, and ready to begin the next leg of this exciting journey. They’ve played giant stadium shows and tiny club shows - and it doesn’t matter who they are playing to, they impress everyone! These new tracks, and the accompanying videos are bound to do the same.

For the full experience, make the effort to see this band live and better understand why so many people are hailing them as one of the best new bands around! These singles, and their previous full-length “Blatant Propaganda” speak volumes, but seeing this mayhem in the flesh truly proves that they are the real deal.

These 7’s are limited to 2000 units. 

Side A:
1. Choose My Friends (feat. Aimee Interrupter)

Side B:
1. Raced Through Berlin

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2000pcs. - 7" Hot Pink Vinyl