Lucky Stiffs - Gold in Peace, Iron in War LP / CD


Stolen equipment, stolen vans, and deported band members have never stopped SF's Lucky Stiffs. Like their fans, The Lucky Stiffs always attempt to take an unselfish look at their music and challenge themselves to step into unexplored paths. In many ways this is a key to maintaining constant excitement and enthusiasm for their place within a genre of music too often hell-bent on repetition and limitation. While it's debatable if any studio recording could ever capture the energy that The Lucky Stiffs emit live, these twelve solid tracks truly stand their ground. This album reflects the truth in their powerful message and delivery, giving you some raw insight into what keeps this band going so strong and continues to electrify and inspire so many loyal fans.

01. Masquerade
02. Forever And A Day
03. Black
04. Walk
05. This Time
06. Wish You Well
07. Anza 9
08. Vacant City
09. Letter
10. Unglued
11. Last Confession
12. This Is Mine