The Ratchets - Heart of Town 12" EP

Not ones to mince words, THE RATCHETS' 2005 debut "Heart of Town" opens with the EP's title track- a four-plus minute call-to-arms that sets the pace for everything that was to come. That tune, and this EP at-large, deliver a house tour of their sound- a place where reggae, punk, folk, and rockabilly music waffle in and out of one another with ease.

This is the first time this album has made it to vinyl, and Pirates Press Records (and leagues of fans, especially those New Jersey diehards) could not be more excited!

THE RATCHETS were clear from the get-go that they aimed to make timeless music by taking something vaguely old and making it into something vaguely new. While they always make music with a message, they also swear allegiance to the almighty rock and roll beat- with aims to get the blood to your little ïol heart pumping.

Listening now, almost a decade and a half later, the energy is still untouchable, and there is a smoothness to the authenticity wielded in these songs. It's embedded in the music and rooted in the voices- LISTEN UP!

This release includes a digital download.

Side A:
1. Heart Of Town
2. Iraqui Vice
3. All Debts Get Paid
4. 77A Broadway
5. Johnny Too Bad
6. No Reason

Side B:

Pressing Information
400pcs. - 12" Swamp Green w/ Red & Mustard Twist Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Sold as set w/ PPR008, PPR199, PPR215, PPR216)