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The Re-volts - Equator - FLEXI

We’re incredibly proud to have delivered single by RE-VOLTS. On the heels of the Wages 7”, this incredible flexi reinforces why the band has devoted such a loyal following. The band once again showcase their focus and sharp songwriting that translates to their impressive live show. There have been a lot of musical contributors in this band, but RE-VOLTS have remained a staple for live music goers in the Bay Area for more than a decade. It’s perhaps Spike in his most raw state — Spike being Spike, with all his friends. We expect no less, and with this paper thin hip shakin’ knee slapper, deliver just that: “I wrote this song to celebrate fuller-figured rock and roll girls with equatorial DNA. Not that they ever needed my advocacy. The floor-shakers and bra-breakers I’m talking about know exactly how bad they are.” – Spike Slawson says it all.

*NOTE: Flexi comes in a polybag with a backing card printed on the three different colors.

Track Listing:
1. Equator

Pressing Information

250pcs. - 7" Blue Flexi (Band Version)
750pcs. - 7" Yellow Flexi (REV Version)
1000pcs. - 7" Hot Pink Flexi (PPR Version)