The Workin' Stiffs - We Are The Truth 7"


This single highlights two of the amazing five new tracks that this staple Bay Area street punk band brought to the table during their newest recording session; the first in over 10 years! Better yet, it's shaped like a GEAR, holding true to classic WORKIN' STIFFS iconography!

With as strong as both tracks are, this might as well be a double A-side. Pick this up as well as the "Moderation" 7" to really get the full gist of how excited this band is to be playing, gigging, and recording again.

Like the best bands, this is a bunch of friends having fun, and doing what they love - and what they¹ve proven to be very good at! This is classic WORKIN' STIFFS, in a pretty impressive package that any diehard vinyl collector is going to drool over!

This release includes a digital download card.

Digital download is available HERE.

"We Are The Truth"
"Get Electric"


Pressing Information

250pcs. - Silver Vinyl (REV Distro Version)
250pcs. - Gold Vinyl (Pirates Press Records Mailorder Version)
100pcs. - Black Vinyl (TKO Records / Chapter 11 Mailorder Version)