This Means War! - S/T 10" EP


This Means War! lays out the groundwork for attacking a timeless Rock-n-Roll melody with the rawest of Punk ingredients. This EP rises above the political nihilism and indifference plaguing too many bands, and will unquestionably make a mark on the world of music.

It reaches back to the roots of that Strummer’esque spirit that has sustained Punk for over 40 years [and moreso, the spirit of traditional protest music for longer than that!]; establishing This Means War! as a powerful new band with something to say. This five piece from the Lowlands in Belgium will not let punk rock define or confine them, and is hell-bent on making their voices heard.

Combining extremely well-written stuck-in-your-head riffs with extremely spirited, passionate and poignant sing-along lyrics is clearly what they accell at, and what will inevitably keep these records spinning for a long time to come. It’s powerful and inspiring, and hooky as can be - something a lot of people strive for, but so few achieve.

Veterans of touring and writing great tunes, these guys know what it takes, and are willing and excited to hit the road, continuing to deliver this message of resistance to the people! So lace up those boots, put up that mohawk, or do whatever you do to prepare for the rage that is coming your way. This EP will just be the start - Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

This release comes with a digital download.

A Side
1. Sailing Anarchy
2. Those Were The Days

B Side
1. Keep The Home Fires Burning
2. Defend What We Stand For
3. Use It Up

Pressing Information

100pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl
200pcs. - 10" Clear & White Half-N-Half w/ a Silver Blob Vinyl
200pcs. - 10" Silver & White AsideBside Vinyl