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45 Adapters - Dress Well, Drink Heavily 7"

The band describes their music as a truck full of Otis Redding records crashing into a truck full of COCK SPARRER records. Even that description fails to truly cover the broad sweep of influences that can be heard in their music. Coming from deep roots in classic Oi! and street rock, 45 ADAPTERS also bring smart mod sounds, nods to 60s soul and reggae, glam, pub rock and even hints of classic rock to the table. The end result is a truly unique sound combined with original subject matter in what can be a stagnant genre. 45 ADAPTERS have been lucky to share the stage with many notable lights of the streetpunk scene, including INFA RIOT, TEMPLARS, GUIDA, STOMPER 98 and THE BUSINESS.

"Make no mistake, there are elements of gruff street rock present, but it’s clear that these lads also have an ear for Jamaican ska and R&B, and it shines through not only in the music, but also in the production..." - Razor Cake

"I dig these skins from NYC; they have a classic early UK skin sound kinda like INFA RIOT or the BUSINESS , but mix it with bass-heavy 70's rock licks like THIN LIZZY or some shit... sing-along goodness." Tim Brooks, MRR

Side A:
1. Dress Well, Drink Heavily

Side B:
1. Who Are We Kidding?
2. Fred Perry Fanatic

Pressing Information

Second Pressing:
300pcs. - 7" White Vinyl
150pcs. - 7" White w/ Red + Blue Splatter Vinyl
50pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl

Third Pressing
250pcs. - 7" White & Aqua Blue AsideBside Vinyl
250pcs. - 7" White & Oxblood AsideBside Vinyl