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45 ADAPTERS - "Patriots Not Fools" MLP

45 ADAPTERS is five friends who dress well and drink heavily. They describe their music as a truck full of CockSParrer records crashing into a truck full of Otis Redding records. This is.. Maximum Oi'N'B!

"Make no mistake, there are elements of gruff street rock present, but it's clear that these lads also have an ear for Jamaican ska and R&B, and it shines through not only in the music, but also in the production of the record." (Razorcake)

And with this, their 6th release, 45A continue to win over new fans, and please their long-time fans with 6 new tracks of infectiously catchy 'Oi! 'n' B' rock'n'roll.

This is for fans of: The Who, The Jam, The Purple Hearts, Thin Lizzy, Cock Sparrer, The Cliches, The Templars, Bishops Green, and Sydney Ducks to name a few.

Don't miss out and get your copy quick as this first pressing limited to 500 units only will no doubt sell out quickly!!



A1 - Don't Grow Out Of It 
A2 - Vinyl Fetishists 
A3 - We Can Win

B1 - Patriots Not Fools 
B2 - Real Danger 
B3 - I'm Not Afraid