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Argy Bargy - The Likes of Us LP

Featuring the limited edition single "No Regrets” this 2008 release was the Bargy boys third full length album (three and half if you count the split "100% Thug Rock”) and it is viewed by many as the band at their very best. The Oi! album favourite "My Life” is given a re-work whilst "Lights Over London” has become a confirmed Oi! classic. Each album has raised the bar and if anyone wants to take the Watford boys crown then they’d better come up with something really special.

Side A:
1. Your Time Will Come
2. Lights Over London
3. There's Gonna Be A Riot
4. No Regrets
5. Right To Fight
6. I Believe

Side B:
1. My Life
2. No News Is Good News
3. I'll Be There For You
4. Don't Wanna Be Like You
5. Can't Take It Anymore
6. The Likes Of Us