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Armed Suspects / The Skels - Split 7"

The Armed Suspects (NY) didn't lead you on. They were as straightforward as it gets… drinking, fighting, and good ol' quality punk rock. The Skels (NJ) had the licks turn any bar into punk rock St. Patrick’s Day. A somewhat unexpected [but LOVED] pairing, these tracks closed out the first of 6 split 7's released to launch the label.

Artwork by Sean Dillion
1. The Rain Came Pissing Down
2. Across The Raging Seas

Artwork by Mark Hanson
1. O'Farrelle
2. Bottle of Whiskey

Pressing Information

1500pcs. - 7" Picture Disc
500pcs. - 7" Yellow & Grimace Purple Half-N-Half Vinyl