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BLACK BALL - "Never Regret" LP

BLACK BALL is the solo project of Bevynn from notable bands THE CORPS and RUST. With the assistance of many guest vocals by the likes of Darrin from MOUTHGUARD, Al from MARCHING ORDERS and RAZORCUT, Kyle (from THROWDOWN, Barry from PLAN OF ATTACK and Alex from THE CORPS, this record is a family album of the Australian scene. While the variety of lead vocals offers a range of sounds and styles, the album manages to flow with a cohesion of incredibly catchy rock & roll firmly entrenched in it’s Aussie roots!

Includes digital download.

This is the follow up to their debut 7” EP that sold quickly, so do not miss out on this one as it is a very limited pressing of only 500 units…

1. Evil Inside 
2. Always Remember 
3. Everyone Will Be Here 
4. Old School 
5. Time

1. Nothing Is For Free 
2. The Journey 
3. Polar Opposite 
4. Unveil The Truth 
5. Friday Night