CONCRETE ELITE - "The Survival EP" LP - Black Vinyl

Only a year after the band’s smashing full-length “IRON ROSE”, Texan thunder CONCRETE ELITE are back with another slab of wax! This latest 12” EP features seven all new hard-hitters – this is definitely some of their best work to date! Their barbaric sound that is full of grit is music for goons and maniacs! This new EP rips it up from start to finish, making sure that CONCRETE ELITE is one of the hardest – if not, the hardest, Oi! bands currently around! This is concrete and brickwall through and through!

Side A: 
1. We Want It All 
2. Got To Get Out 
3. Survival 
4. Power Over Power

Side B: 
1. Scavenger 
2. Against All Odds 
3. Razor Boys

This release includes a digital download.