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Criminal Outfit - Time To Get Crucial 7"

Criminal Outfit was started at the tail end of 2019 by a group of friends who knew each other from events around Long Beach, California where glam, reggae, and punk rock records were spinning alternately. With these friends having found a shared love for Oi!, hardcore, and bootboy rock’n’roll, they decided to form a band combining these sensibilities. So they decided to make music drawing from influences like the Strike, 4 Skins, Count Bishops, Slaughter and the Dogs, Negative Approach, Slade, The Sweet, Last Resort, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, Blitz, the Bruisers, Radiators From Space, and early Sham 69. The result was the debut ‘A Million Saturdays’ 12” MLP released on LSM VINYL (North America) and TRY AND STOP ME RECORDS (Europe) and now a year later we have 4 new songs on this 4-song 7” EP to kick off 2022!

*NOTE*: Some units of the standard black vinyl have slight seam splits. To account for this, we're offering a "Limited Collector's Version" which includes a limited ‘fold-over’ style cover along with the original jacket with seam splits.

“… if you love that classic sound of the 90’s! “This could have been on Vulture Rock Records...” keeps on repeating itself in my mind when I hear “A Million Saturdays” and although Criminal Outfit doesn’t necessarily sound like all of the Californian bands Vulture Rock released, I definitely sense the same kind of spirit and that makes this 12” one of my favorite mini-LP’s of the year so far!” - American Oi!

1. No Respect
2. Time To Get Crucial

1. My Prophecy
2. Skinhead (The Strike cover)

400pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Red w/ Orange Splatter Vinyl (Band version)