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Custom Fit - S/T - 12" EP

With a band as talented, experienced, and powerful as this, and a lead singer as passionate as Sabi, CUSTOM FIT made waves with the release of their debut EP. In early 2010, Sabi, who had just moved across the globe from Slovenia to Santa Cruz, California, and Micky, who had recently started performing with local Northern Soul band THE INCITERS set it off, and the rest was history. Their sound and style (backed by an equally impressive live show) honor bands like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, COCK SPARRER, THE TEMPLARS, BLITZ, X-RAY SPEX, VICE SQUAD, BUZZCOCKS, and even a little bit of DEVO. Diverse, talented, and passionate, to say the least! After about a year of fine tuning, a set of original songs was ready for the stage, and following a slew of unbelievably successful gigs, this record naturally followed. Themes range from the zombie apocalypse to the irony of social networks, human spontaneous combustion, and even more serious subjects, like losing a close friend to suicide. Folks all over the Bay Area were lucky enough to have seen this band grow and to hear these songs on vinyl made it a treat for those day one fans!

This release includes a digital download card.

01. Life’s Too Short
02. Spontaneous Combustion
03. Combat
04. Last Place

05. Subculture Whore
06. One Hit Blunder
07. Puppets
08. Forever Strong


Pressing Information

50pcs. - Black Vinyl
125pcs. - Ultra Clear Vinyl
125pcs. - Transparent Yellow Vinyl
125pcs. - Solid Oxblood Vinyl
275pcs. - Transparent Orange Vinyl