Detournement - Screaming Response 7"


A short, fast, loud approach to songwriting, politically pointed lyrics, and an abrasive delivery, Detournement's debut release, "Screaming Response", is a furious and scalding critique of a collapsing economic system, a battle-cry to define and organize the struggle, and a hardcore-punk record that sounds as if the genre was being discovered for the first time.

Features members of Lifetime, Bigwig, Ensign, Plan A Project, and Worthless United.

Unique printed and case-wrapped sandpaper jacket, colored vinyl, and 12 page booklet.

Side A:
1. Focus...Explosion!
2. Stand Firm
3. Men and Maggots
4. No Están Solos

Side B:
5. The Dead Man Cries For Vengeance
6. Stranglehold U.S.A.
7. The Power Is Ours
8. Odessa

Pressing Information

2nd Pressing:
250pcs. - 7" Bright Red w/ matching vinyl
250pcs. - 7" Maroon w/ splatter vinyl

1st Pressing:
195pcs. - 7" Yellow Vinyl (PPR Version)
190pcs. - 7" Grey Version (Chunksaah Version)
85pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (Band Version)