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Vancouver's infamous Subway Thugs broke up, the members went on to form 2 new bands: The Lancasters (future members of Bishops Green) and Emergency. Nick (guitar) and Mike (bass) recruited Will on drums and began writing some songs and a few months later the final piece of this puzzle fell into place when Fergus of the legendary UK band The Strike joined up on vocals. Mike eventually moved away so Fergus picked up the bass as well and with this line-up, ‘1234’ was recorded… Originally released in 2004, this album has been out of print and in high demand for the last decade...

1. What You Gonna Do? 
2. Won’t Tell You Again 
3. Idol Generation 
4. State Of Emergency 
5. Don’t Wanna Be Like You 
6. Army Life

7. I Ain’t Listening 
8. Wasted Lives 
10. You 
11. Teenage Fallout 
12. Your Society