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HARD TARGETS - "Hard To Kill" 12" LP

Well… it took 8 long years to see the follow up release to the debut ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ EP that HARD TARGETS dropped way back in 2012, but it was well worth the wait! Including one track from that debut EP along with 9 new songs and a killer cover of ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ by GEN X, this album covers all the rock’n’roll bases and is dripping with the Aussie rock’n’roll pedigree that these guys grew up with down under. If only Melbourne wasn’t on the opposite side of the world and if only there wasn’t a global pandemic and we could all only be so lucky to catch these guys on a stage some day soon hopefully…

“Some Aussie Oi! vets (members of Marching Orders, Bulldog Spirit, Mindsnare, The Terrace) do "gritty rock`n`roll", a hard drivin` Vintage soundin` mixture of 70`s UK Punk (Chiswick/Raw Records), Glam-Sound, Pub Rock etc. Sounds like an rough Bootboy Mix between Eddie & The Hotrods, Rose Tattoo, Slade und current bands a la Penny Cocks and Sydney Ducks. 3 very smart "Drink`n`Fight" Numbers. Pure & honest!” - Oi!-Punk

Side A:
1. Life At The Top
2. Gotta Be More Alive
3. Government Bedsit Blues
4. Carry On
5. Best Years Of Your Life
6. Nothing Left To Prove

Side B:
1. Home But Far Away
2. Hard To Kill
3. Malenky Bit Of Cutter
4. Walter Mitty
5. Kiss Me Deadly (Generation X)

This release includes a digital download.

250pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (Euro Version)