Hard Wax - "This Is The Sound" 12" LP

Delivering ten scorchers, these boys sure know how to have a good time! Reinventing their own sound with the addition of keys, horns and what not, these English lads crack out one killer tune after another, taking you from the junk shop straight to the dance floor! Because there is no chance in hell that you’ll be sitting still to crackin’, razor sharp bovver anthems like “Welcome To Bovver Rock City”, “This Is The Sound”, “Days Of Glory”, “Have A Good Time”, “Boys Of A Saturday Night” and “Stomp All Over The World”!

So jump in your boots and give HARD WAX’ sound a go! Because it is indeed, the sound!

“Remember when Rock N Roll was meant to be danced to? These boys bring that to the table, with the proper attitude and energy…. and it is f#%king BRILLIANT!!!!.” - Smash The Discos

Side A:
1. Welcome To Bovver Rock City
2. Living The Dream
3. This Is The Sound
4. Razor Part Rebels
5. Days Of Glory

Side B:
1. Have A Good Time
2. Boys Of A Saturday Night
3. Not Just A Pin-up Girl
4. Stomp All Over The World
5. In For A Penny

This release includes a digital download.

200pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (N. American version)
300pcs. - 12" Oxblood Vinyl (European version)