Harrington Saints - Bettin' On A Longshot LP / CD


It’s been almost a decade since bringing you the Sounds of the Street, and now the East Bay streetpunk/Oi! boys – Harrington Saints – deliver yet another round of their intense, hard edge sounds with “Bettin’ On A Longshot – The Singles Collection”. Digging through almost 10 years of singles, many of which, until now, were only available in a vinyl format, Harrington Saints bring you some pint-raising, good time standards, as well as 2 new unreleased gems. This collection of singles is a great, much needed addition to the band's previous, full length releases – Dead Broke In The USA and Pride and Tradition.

Sometimes the only time to hear a favorite, would be to catch one of their legendary live shows. Moving forward has always been a constant goal for Harrington Saints, but with fans requesting versions of older, out of print songs, the band hit the woodshed to brush up on their back catalog. Amazing what time can do, as the band has embraced these requests and included many of these gems in their live performances to thunderous audience approval.

In partnership with Step-1 from the UK, we are releasing this singles collection on vinyl. The CD has been getting rave reviews all over the world, and the requests for a vinyl version have been overwhelming... so here it is, by popular demand.

Side A:
1. Working Class Friday Night
2. Don't Blame Me
3. Sounds Of The Street
4. Razors In The Night* (*Blitz)
5. Claret & Blue
6. Pub Song
7. Bootstraps
8. City On Fire

Side B:
1. Factories
2. Put Your Boots Back On
3. Machine Guns & Molotovs
4. Bulletproof
5. No Justice
6. Grey Zone
7. I Won't Pay For Liberty** (**Angelic Upstarts)


Pressing Information

100pcs. - Black Vinyl
100pcs. - Black w/ Mustard Yellow Splatter Vinyl (SOLD OUT)
150pcs. - Solid Red Vinyl
150pcs. - Solid Mustard Yellow Vinyl