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Harrington Saints - Fish N' Chips 10" EP

Here are ten inches celebrating ten years of HARRINGTON SAINTS. Ironically, their tenth record as well. Heart-pumping streetpunk with a passionate working-class message; this record was a testament to the importance of this band in the Bay Area punk scene, and beyond.

This release comes with a digital download.

A Side
1. Last Call (Skinhead’s Wake)
2. Hands Off Our Commons
3. Side By Side

B Side
1. Let It Burn
2. Stand Tall
3. Fish & Chips
4. Junkie

Pressing Information

50pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl (Promo Version)
200pcs. - 10" Sea Blue Vinyl (Tour Version)
250pcs. - 10" Oxblood Vinyl (Mailorder Version)
300pcs. - 10" Silver P19 (Retail Version)