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Harrington Saints - Sounds Of The Streets 7" + CD

HARRINGTON SAINTS’ music comes out of the gate with the throttle wide open. Whatever you want to call it — punk, street-punk, punk-n-roll, one thing is for certain: This is for Real! No Frills, just pure working-class anthems that come straight and unfiltered from the streets of Oakland. Sounds Of The Street features three 3-minute gems of sing-along rebellion to which the youth of today can relate. Also included is a rousing live version of BLITZ's "Razors In The Night.”

Repress on 300 Red Vinyl 7"s and 200 Blue Vinyl 7"s, this EP contains a wonderful looking spot varnish print finish with a double sided insert & CD INCLUDED.

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
500pcs. - 7" White Vinyl

Second Pressing:
300pcs. - 7" Red Vinyl
200pcs. - 7" Blue Vinyl