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Legion 76 - Songs From 566 Oxblood Vinyl LP

LEGION 76 from Philadelphia were one of the best young, new bands at the time when they formed 10 years ago, and in the years that they were active, they played all over the east coast of the USA and toured Europe a couple of times in support of a number of releases on Longshot Music and Contra Records. Their brand of Oi!/streetpunk is an anthemic and sing-along as it comes and captured the attention of the scene at the time. Life did what it does and the band had to take a break for work, family, etc. Thankfully the band is picking up again and LEGION 76 have a number of shows booked and with all their previous releases long sold out, Longshot Music was more than happy to re-issue all the songs from their 3 previous releases together, all re-mastered and packaged as a single 12” LP.

1. Brick And Bone
2. Stand Back Up
3. Crushed
4. Falling Tide
5. Running Blood
6. City Light

1. Words Decay
2. Rearranged
3. Banners Fall
4. Into Darkness
5. Kicked Out
6. Guillotine"

Pressing info:
250pcs. - 12" Oxblood Vinyl