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Lion's Law - From The Storm LP

Since their first show in a Paris squat on a hot summer night in 2012, LION’S LAW have established themselves as one of the top skinhead/Oi! bands around. They have released numerous LPs, EPs, and singles, all while traveling the globe. With From The Storm being their third full-length album, LION’S LAW is in absolute top-form, bursting out anthem after anthem! This album is strong and tight, and the band delivered a true powerhouse performance - an absolute sing-along from start to finish!

Digital download included.

A Side 
1. Sons Of Oi! 
2. Otherwise 
3. Last Train Home 
4. A Thousand Eyes 
5. Give Back The Glory 
6. Trapped 
7. Way Of Life 

B Side 
1. Interlude 
2. Liar 
3. My Mistakes 
4. The Choice 
5. Under The Earth 
6. From The Storm 
7. With The Wolves

Pressing Information

First Pressing: 
200pcs. - 12" Picture Disc Vinyl 
300pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl

Second Pressing: 
500pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl