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Lost Legion - Bridging Electricity 10" EP

Lost Legion is the product of a few longtime Chicago punks who have joined forces on this EP to produce a gritty ode to Oi! that recalls French ‘80s acts like Komintern Sect & L’infanterie Sauvage. Featuring members of Warrior Tribes, Primitive Teeth, Fuerza Bruta and more, Lost Legion pairs gruff vocals with catchy guitar riffs, particularly on the anthemic title track. Street-punk-style gang vocals show up on the opener, as well as the closing track; a gravelly cover of The Go-Go’s party song “Tonite”. This record returns again and again to the idea of power – of electricity infusing energy into tense moments and people you’d rather forget; it seems to be an exercise in exorcising demons, one sinister riff at a time. (Text by Kerry Cardoza, Bandcamp)

“Here is an outstanding three song EP from Chicago’s Lost Legion, Bridging Electricity. The vocalist/guitarist is Ian Wise who played in Snake Handler and Fuerza Bruta; and runs the stellar Foreign Legion Records. Rounded out by Dave Fortunato (Warrior Tribes, Future Shock) delivering a bombastic performance on drums; and Kyle on Bass and Christine on Vocals…

The gripping tunes here are soaked in sincerity and reflection. Any fan of punk/oi! is challenged to walk away. Engaging, motivated; Bridging Electricity only disappoints in its brevity. But when a band succinctly crafts punk perfection, they do not need to overindulge. Just be thankful you got this.” - New Noise Magazine

Side A: 
1. Bridging Electricity
2. The Game
3. Tonite [The GoGos]

Side B:
Screenprinted B side

300pcs. - 10" Clear Vinyl w/ screenprinted B-side