Louise Distras - Dreams From The Factory Floor LP


"Dreams From The Factory Floor" is a bit of a change in musical pace for Pirates Press Records, but the angst and soul, and positive message presented throughout this spectacular record is totally consistent with what this premier label consistently brings to the table.

Louise has for years been spreading this gospel of love, empowerment and equality to the (punk rock) world, and her approach has significantly taken hold amongst UK and European punk rock circles. She is a stronghold year after year at the infamous Rebellion Festival (UK), and continues to embark on tour after tour, big and small, both acoustically and with a full band (something the punks really love!) – either way, and both ways, these songs turn heads wherever and however they are played!

Working with the Oakland abolitionist non-profit Justice Now! (www.jnow.org), Pirates Press Records is taking the opportunity to help Louise wave this flag in a more profound way, releasing this album (previously only available digitally) on vinyl, worldwide.

There is no other reason besides proximity that this record and these songs have not begun to turn heads here in the US and beyond – with Pirates Press Records and Rev Distribution behind this release, and with Louise’s constant support online and through never ending touring, more and more people will undoubtedly become loyal fans of this passionate and talented songwriter.

This release will include a digital download.

A Side
1. Stand Strong Together
2. Bullets
3. Love Me The Way I Am
4. The Hand You Hold
5. Not In Our Name
6. Black and Blue

B Side
1. Shades Of Hate
2. No Mercy
3. One Thousand Tears
4. Story Is Over
5. Dreams From The Factory Floor
6. People of The Abyss

Pressing Information

200pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (REV Version)
200pcs. - 12" Hot Pink Vinyl
200pcs. - 12" White Vinyl