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MARCHING ORDERS - "Dead End Street" 10"

10 Years ago, MARCHING ORDERS was climbing to the pinnacle of Oi! and Streetpunk with the release of their 2ND 10” EP, ‘Dead End Street’. At this time, MARCHING ORDERS were the premier Aussie band, landing prime opening slots in Melbourne for the likes of DROPKICK MURPHYS and RANCID, as well as packing out venues of 200+ people all over Australia.

These days, members of MARCHING ORDERS have moved on to bring us bands like RAZORCUT, STRANGLEHOLD, THE TRUTH, THE OPPOSITION, LION FIGHT and more, all while leaving fans world-wide wanting more from MARCHING ORDERS some day hopefully. While the possibility of more from MARCHING ORDERS is there, in the meantime, we want to be sure to make their back-catalog available still, including this “10 Year Anniversary” re-issue of this now classic EP… 

Digital Download included.

Side A: 
1. Back On The Streets 
2. Junkie Domestic On Smith Street 
3. Weekend Hooligans

Side B: 
1. Working Poor 
2. Spirit Of The Anzacs 
3. Nihilistic 
4. Brothers In Arms

Pressing Information

300pcs. - 10" Black Vinyl 
200pcs. - 10" Kelly Green Vinyl