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NOi!SE - Rising Tide 12"

Pirates is extremely proud to re-introduce “Rising Tide”, a seminal 7-song epic EP from this truly cornerstone band. After being out of print for quite a while, this 2013 barnstormer is finally available again for everyone who wants to get their mitts on it.

These tracks are crucial to the overall understanding of why this band is so important in the scene, and the way this reissue is presented reinforces those sentiments. Putting all the songs together on one side of the record, and printing that “rising tide” on the other allows for the vinyl to overlay the sleeve and give the release a really cool new dimension!

In celebrating such a special release, why not do something super special with the packaging, right?! Remastered for your listening pleasure, Pirates Press Records is excited to announce that this awesome new version is officially now up for grabs...

1. Rising Tide
2. False Foundations
3. Brothers in Arms ‘12
4. Time Heals All Wounds
5. Blame ’12
6. How the Deck is Stacked
7. On the Outside

1000pcs. - 12" Digitally Printed Vinyl

**To learn more about how to get your record pressed using this revolutionary and brand new process, email us for more info!**