OFF THE CLOCK - "Vic City Skins" LP - Black Vinyl

‘Vic City Skins’ it the debut release from these 4 guys from Victoria, BC, Canada that features current and past members of No Heart, Genetic Angry, Last Crusade, Thankless Graft and Union Boys. 
OTC are primarily influenced by 2nd wave British Oi! bands like Antisocial, The Oppressed and Crux with a dose of early American hardcore punk like Negative Approach, SSD and Slapshot to name a few. With this combination, you get hard-hitting and tough sounding mid-tempo anthems that sink their hooks in and pack a punch!

1. Locked Out 
2. Last Nerve 
3. Hell To Pay 
4. Glory 
5. Vicious Attack 
6. Tonight 
7. Like You 
8. Vic City Skins

— Silk-screen printed with band logo

This release contains a digital download.

“Ready for some pure grit from Canada? Well, you better be! Because these skins from Vic City (Victoria, BC) are about to unleash their debut 12” EP that is full of pure aggro. Off The Clock rages through eight-tracks like there is no tomorrow, all on side A, while the B-side holds a screen-print of the band’s logo.”

Pressing Information

250pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl w/ silk-screen printed B-side