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Oi! This Is Streetpunk - 2020 - 2x10"

Forty years after Garry Bushell’s famous “Oi! the Album” solidified the moniker for this style of music, a vibrant scene rages on - worldwide.

Regardless of whatever label you want to throw on this sound, or the band making it, the power and longevity of this scene speaks volumes. It is not a style, or a trend. IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.

In 2020, while the world continues to find new ways of destroying itself and disenfranchising people, there will always be a need for new and timeless anthems for the working class. These bands' respect for the roots of this scene, and the passion that they lead with is what constantly fuels the scene and provides its future. Their dedication is matched by all those out there wearing boots and braces, or a leather jacket and studded belt - or anyone else singing along and raising a fist in the air - joining this fight.

These bands clearly represent a wide array of viewpoints on specific issues, but together we are anti-racist & anti-facist, and we care about people and the future of this planet. Together our voices are powerful; especially as our message starts to resemble the message of the masses more and more - as the world wakes up (like punks have for decades) to see the stranglehold that the ruling classes have over the future we are all trying to build and protect.

Unite. Rise Up. Sing Along. Fight the GOOD fight.

Oi! This is Streetpunk. Fuck 2020.

Includes a 20" x 20" poster!

1. Antagonizers ATL - "A Way Of Life"
2. Concrete Elite - "Unbreakable Breed"
3. Lion's Law - "Un Jour"
4. The Welch Boys - "Methadone Mile"
5. Bonecrusher - "Desperation"
6. Hard Evidence - "A Natural Unnatural"
7. Armada - "The Rebel Sound"
8. The New York Hounds - "I Don't Like You Anymore
9. 45 Adapters - "Friendship"
10. Rebels Rule - "Just A Memory"
11. The Young Ones - "March Of The Gutter Kids"
12. The Opposition - "Back Stabber"
13. Faction S - "Tous Complices"
14. Brassknuckle Boys - "Maryland Avenue"
15. The Take - "Freedom Of Choice"
16. Fuerza - "Tarantula"
17. Doug & The Slugz - "Promised Us A Future"
18. The Prowlers - "La Flamme Brûle Encore"
19. Falcata - "Viriathus"
20. Knock Off - "You Won't Change Us"

First Pressing:
• 900 sets - 2x10" Black Vinyl
• 300 sets - 2x10" Ultra Clear w/ Black Pinwheel Vinyl

Second Pressing:
• 500 sets - 2x10" Ultra Clear w/ Black & White Splatter Vinyl