Old Firm Casuals/Razorblade/The Corps/ Booze & Glory - Oi! Ain't Dead LP


This compilation brings together 4 bands from 4 different countries where streetpunk and Oi! are raging wild these days!

First up are THE OLD FIRM CASUALS from San Francisco. OFC are constantly touring and spreading their message of Oi!. In a short time they have released eight 7” EP’s which have all become sought after collector’s items. They contribute 3 old-fashioned streetpunk hammers with style and class and you can hear the experience dripping from the songs!

Next up is the notorious RAZORBLADE from the Netherlands who have been spreading fear since 1999 – they come at you with a perfectly balanced mix between raw aggression and catchy Oi! /streetpunk tunes. Violence and melody combined and empowered by anthemic sing-alongs. “Demolition Man” is a special track recorded for the Dutch heavy weight MMA fighting champ “Alistair Overeem” including match samples

THE CORPS hailing from Sydney Australia continue in their heavy brand of rock‘n’roll fueled streetrock. While honouring the traditional Aussie sound with lots of Rose Tattoo influences, The Corps bring upbeat blasting powerhouse songs with raging vocals and sing-along choruses.

BOOZE & GLORY is the hope for today’s English Oi! scene. They are heavily tattooed West Ham supporters from London cracking out 4 traditional 80’s sounding Oi! tunes with lot’s of melodic sing-alongs. It has been a long time since a new UK Oi! band sounded this convincing!!!

This comp Features the following songs: 
01. You Better Start Runnin’ (THE OLD FIRM CASUALS) 
03. Love Street Kid (THE OLD FIRM CASUAL) 
04. Back Once More (RAZORBLADE) 
05. Demolition Man (RAZORBLADE) 
06. Fighting The System (RAZORBLADE) 
07. Talk Is Over (THE CORPS) 
08. Know The Code (THE CORPS) 
09. Making Enemies (THE CORPS) 
10. Burning The Candle (THE CORPS) 
11. Friends (BOOZE & GLORY) 
12. England Will Never Change (BOOZE & GLORY) 
13. Working Hard, Dressing Smart (BOOZE & GLORY) 
14. It Was Our World (BOOZE & GLORY)