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The Drowns/Plizzken - Split Oxblood Vinyl 7"

Who doesn’t love a split 7”?

This limited edition oxblood vinyl highlights two exceptional new and unreleased songs from two bands gaining steam out of two different corners of the world, both with a ton of gas/petrol in the tank!

Both songs exemplify why there is so much excitement and energy around these bands right now. Just a prelude of what’s to come, this little nugget of wax is sure to wet your whistle and leave you wanting more from ‘em both!

Be sure to pick up a copy now, as this is a one-time limited pressing, and you won’t want to miss out!

Side A:
1. The Lost Boys Of Suburbia (The Drowns)

Side B:
1. One More Time (Plizzken)

500pcs. - 7" Oxblood Vinyl