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Reckless Upstarts - No Spirit 7" EP

The Reckless Upstarts hail from Windsor, ON, Canada and play a mix of honest, working-class street punk and anti-fascist Oi! In conjunction with their recent tour of Europe in October 2022, their most recent EP was re-pressed and we have a limited quantity of both versions of vinyl (blue and black) for you here. Don’t miss out on this and look for a new full-length from the lads soon…

“…it's tuneful, working-class punk that demands you sing along. The songs deal with the struggles of the working man ("fight for what is ours, tell stories with our scars"), making your voice heard ("we're going to stand up and shout, we won't be silenced"), fence sitters ("you better pick a side") and smashing the fascists ("the nazis didn't die back in '45")!”

1. No Spirit
2. For Me Boys

1. Friday Night Heroes

400pcs. - 7" Blue Vinyl (North American/Band Version)
100pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (European Version)