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ROADSIDE BOMBS - "My Side Of Town" LP - White Vinyl

Roadside Bombs have been lurking in the bars and clubs of Northern California for nearly a decade, lying in wait. The new LP My Side Of Town is their debut full length and consists of fourteen Punk Rock n Roll tracks with the distinctive Noma Sound! From My Side of Town with it’s OI! and Rock ‘n Roll roots to Someone to Hurt, a ‘Noma Beach burner with Sabi Kendrick of Custom Fit doing guest Vocals, all the way through to Zaxxon, a Street Rock Juggernaut featuring the legendary Roger Miret singing a guest spot, this release never takes a break!

This is a co-release along with Chapter 11 Records and Contra Records, with the White Vinyl being a limited "Longshot Music" version only. (Yellow Vinyl from Contra Records and Swamp Green Vinyl from Chapter 11 Records)


Pressing Information

100pcs. - White Vinyl