STILL DEFIANT - "100% Razor Sharp Punk Rock" 12" LP


 In 2019, a new German band called STILL DEFIANT burst on to the scene with a limited 5-song demo cassette on boutique label Oi! The Nische Records. That was quickly followed up by a 7” EP which was equally as excellent and also quickly sold out. So this LP combines both of those releases, plus 2 new song and a brilliant cover version of ‘Fatigue’ by BLITZ to make up a blistering 10-song LP that that has been re-mastered for maximum power!

This slab of wax is a must for those who like their 70’s & 80’s punk rock to be rebellious, raucous and working class while being smart, hard and with style! STILL DEFIANT are short-haired rockers and short-haired rockers rule, OK? Don’t miss out and order this one quickly, because these be gone soon…

“…with that being said, the music on this 45 is pure class as well! Hard as a nut and catchy as hell Still Defiant bursts through title-track “Till The End” and it’s B-sides “Go Your Way” and “Work Like A Dog”. Listening to this record, I feel like the three songs are a friendly, yet urgent reminder on how real punk rock should sound - rebellious, raucous and working class, brought smartly and with style - a superb sound indeed! I really can’t get enough of this band and I truly hope that ‘the end’ is in a future far away from now - simply because the world needs much more brilliant releases like these!” - American Oi!

Side A:
1. Mad & Mental
2. Shame On You
3. Fatigue
4. Your Day Will Come
5. Total Surviolence

Side B:
1. Till The End
2. Young Warrior
3. For You
4. S.H.R. Rule Ok
5. Go Your Way

This release includes a digital download.

350pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Black Splatter Vinyl (Euro Version)
150pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (LSM Version)