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Stomper 98 - Althergebracht LP

Many people across the world have found STOMPER 98 in their musical travels. With releases spanning several decades, this German Oi! powerhouse get better with age! STOMPER 98 are: Sebi Stomper (vocals), Tommi Tox (guitar), Holgi (saxophone), Lars Resort (Bass) & Phil Templar (drums). Now with the addition of Lars Frederiksen (RANCID) doing what he does best, this already ridiculously talented and exciting band took things to new heights. This LP is far-and-away their best record; firing on all cylinders, and giving the world a taste of the medicine they’ve been dishing out all over Europe for decades! Many critics are claiming Althergebracht (meaning “Traditional”) is the best German Oi! album of the last 20 years. From the first notes, it all becomes clear. This is an Oi! record that stands with the best of them! No bullshit. No bandwagon clichés. No whining. No apologies. This is pure energy, and a clear delivery of intelligent protest and discontent from a group of staunchly anti-racist German skinheads. That is what STOMPER 98 is all about, and this album is the best example of why these guys play to enormous crowds all across Germany! Pick this one up and see what the fuss is all about!

This release contains a digital download.

Side A:
1. Skinhead
2. Wir folgen den Rufen
3. Keine Helden
4. Gesetz der Straße
5. Nichts ist für immer
6. Für den Augenblick
7. Freiheit

Side B:
8. Agenda der Angst
9. Diese Nacht
10. Althergebracht
11. Wir stehen hier
12. Die Todgeweihten grüßen euch
13. Alter Freund

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500pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Black 'Smoke' & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl w/ Embossed Gatefold Jacket