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Strike First - "War" 12" LP

If there’s one band that surprised us in 2020, it must have been STRIKE FIRST! Their debut mini-album ‘Wolves’ was a smash hit and left us with only a few copies still left! With this first full-length from the band, ‘War’ contains everything one loves in a modern day Oi!/streetpunk band and it’s delivered with sheer power and brilliance. Everything is right from start to finish on this LP with songs that are extremely strong, powerful melodies that will last a lifetime and a massive – though not over-produced – sound that will make your ears ring until you’re deaf or dead!

“Not surprisingly, ‘Wolves’ sounds a bit like DDC, but a bit fresher and more playful. The lead guitar comes into its own in the songs and give the individual songs a cool drive. Right from the first song, ‘Unbreakable’, you get carried away for a second and get a nice feeling of freedom and belonging. Just the things that make music special. There is also an Oasis cover hidden amongst the songs, interpreted as an Oi! song of course! So if you do not know this song, you might not even recognize it and mistake it for an original by Strike First themselves.” -

Side A: 
1. Pure Impact
2. Canton Street
3. Integrity
4. Ready To Strike
5. Hate
6. It’s Getting Old

Side B: 
7. Voluntary Reaction
8. Standing Strong
9. Talk Is Cheap
10. I Never Needed You
11. Street Rock And Roll
12. Carry On
13. War

350pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
200pcs. - 12" Clear w/ Black & Black Splatter Vinyl
150pcs. - 12" Clear Vinyl