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STRIKE FIRST - "Wolves" 12” Picture Disc LP

In 2020 there was a plan for a new album from DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew), however, circumstances changed in 2020 (as we all know!) and that unfortunately never made it to the light of day. Fortunately, a new band rose out of the ashes of DDC and they were able to unleash their debut 12" on REBELLION RECORDS in 2020!

With 7 originals and a surprising cover, STRIKE FIRST is everything that DDC was… only bigger, bolder, and better! They deliver massive anthems with killer melodies and there isn't a song that is not a scorcher! Along with the super-tight recordings and the colossal mastering on ‘Wolves’, STRIKE FIRST delivers an impressive wall of sound that can not be dismissed. Not only do they strike first, but they strike hard as well!

Side A:
1. Unbreakable
2. Dead End Boys
3. The Flame
4. Fight Like Hell

Side B:
1. The Enemy
2. Dirty Kids
3. Bring It On Down
4. Wolves

• 500pcs. - 12” Picture Disc Vinyl