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Starving Wolves - Mixed Blood - Picture Flexi

“I am of mixed blood / Soy de sangre mezclada,” exclaims Starving Wolves frontman David Rodriguez on “Mixed Blood,” the band’s second single on Pirates Press Records.

The song is a deeply personal one for Rodriguez, who experienced a personal identity crisis growing up part Mexican and part Anglo. “It put me in a hard spot growing up. Back in the 80’s, people were not as open-minded as now. I remember being called ‘half-breed,’ and not really being accepted by either group. It leaves you feeling very alone and lost.”

This feeling of loneliness is palpable through the speakers as the song unfolds. Rodriguez and the rest of the band bring an unprecedented intensity & aggression to both music & lyrics that announces to listeners that the veteran street punks of Starving Wolves are in the midst of a creative breakthrough.

Rodriguez’s lyrics are written and sung in both English and Spanish, a deliberate choice intended to both honor his roots and to showcase a shift in perspective. “As you grow up, you find out who you are and realize we don’t need any approval from anyone, we choose how to live and accept who we are.”

As they did on their first single “Please Listen,” the band made it a priority to feature art that communicates the themes of the song visually. This time, they commissioned Mexican artist Sergio Sánchez Santamaría (@grabador1976) to tie the modern social struggles spoken of in the song to their roots in the bloody history of colonialism.

“He does this incredible scratchboard, woodcut-looking art. He is just a unique Mexican artist that really shows his passion for Mexican history and his love for his culture!” remarks Rodriguez.

With music, lyrics, and art working together to create such a powerful statement, it was obvious to all at Pirates Press Records that this single needed to be featured prominently. Thus “Mixed Blood” has been pressed on a beautiful picture flexi to be spread far & wide, giving it the attention it so urgently demands!

1. Mixed Blood

5000pcs - 7" picture flexi