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The Aggrolites - Essentials Box Set

Having been around for nearly 20 years, any band is bound to make loads of hard-core dedicated fans. The Aggrolites are absolutely no exception. The reach of the Aggro Army is truly impressive. Checking out any live show, in any city, anytime, anywhere, will give you true insight into the depth of that statement.

Thankfully, most of their albums have been readily available digitally, on CD, and in some cases on vinyl. With this series of reissues by Pirates Press Records, they are ALL now available for people to complete collections and properly tailor (vinyl) DJ sets using their favorite Aggrolites bangers.

This VERY LIMITED set (only 200 MADE!) is meant for the true diehards. The O.G. AGGRO ARMY. This incredible box houses an exclusive “pinwheel” colored vinyl version of each of the LP’s - and allows you to display your favorite, just like a theatre sign. It includes an exclusive DJ slipmat, (faux) leather patch, and sticker printed on gold foil.