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The Downtown Struts - Sail The Seas Dry 10" EP

DOWNTOWN STRUTS were formed in 2008 in Chicago with two members hailing from Northern California and two from the Midwest. Setting out to create honest music stemming from punk and Americana influences, the songs are passionate and melodic at heart but delivered with drive and aggression. With heroes like THE CLASH, RANCID, SOCIAL DISTORTION, TOM PETTY, and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, it’s no wonder they achieved such a level of solid songwriting. Sail The Seas Dry is truly a five-song chronicle of their experiences with luck, love, and life on the road. This extended vinyl re-release of the Sail The Seas Dry EP has two additional tracks recorded in the same session.

This release includes a digital download.

“The overall vibe is as if Ducky Boys or Reducers SF gave in to their pop element completely. Makes for a good, solid sound that I am usually a sucker for.” - Razorcake

“…tinges of RANCID, SWINGIN' UTTERS, SMALLTOWN and even a little AGAINST ME. I even hear a little SOCIAL DISTORTION in the guitar playing. It's really well done for the style. The songwriting and lyrics are a step or two above average for the genre. …I bet we'll be hearing more." - Maximum Rock'N'Roll

1. Always Heading West
2. Little Mexico
3. Swiss Army Life
4. Last Stop
5. Not Sorry
6. Thick As Thieves
7. Orange Roses

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
500pcs. - 10" Blue Vinyl

Second Pressing:
500pcs. - 10" Blue/White/Blue Striped Vinyl