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The Drowns - The Sound 7"

This stand-out foursome has been turning heads since their inception. The Drowns quickly emerged as one of the most exciting new punk bands coming out of the Pacific Northwest and their tunes are all the proof that you need to back the hype. Their debut full-length “View From The Bottom” (Gunner Records) was released in late 2018, and this follow-up 7” received high acclaim across the world. Housed in a printed polybag that lines up with the picture sleeve inside, this record is very much a piece of art, adding an impressive new dimension to the two incredible punk rock anthems carved onto this special platter.

Side A:
1. The Sound

Side AA:
1. The Bricks of Ol' Rainier

500pcs. - 7” Beer Vinyl
300pcs. - 7” Red Vinyl (Band Version)
200pcs. - 7” Cokebottle Green Vinyl (PPR Version)