The Jons - Oi! Jack 7"


Back with a followup to their debut single "Walk Toward the People" and hot on the heels of getting a residency at London's infamous 12Bar, this single is lovely & raucous, just like them. Lock up your daughters, sisters, mothers, and your stash - they're coming after the whole lot. "Oi! Jack" is one of those singles that you'll just find yourself playing over and over again, tapping and singing along to the whole way - and "7 O'Clock", the B-Side, isn't too far behind. The three additional tracks available with the (included) digital download are equally impressive and just get you wondering when a full length might appear... and more urgently maybe, where you might be able to catch em live! If you're a fan of the Toy Dolls, The Buzzcocks, The Faces & Sparrer we highly suggest you give this one a spin!!!

This pressing comes in a pretty flashy spot glossed sleeve and has the center label artwork screen-printed in GOLD right on the records. It includes a digital download card, and is available in 250pcs of White Vinyl and 250pcs of Oxblood and White AsideBside Vinyl and 50pcs of BLACK.

Side A:
1. Oi! Jack

Side B:
1. 7 O'Clock

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
250pcs. - 7" White Vinyl
250pcs. - 7" Oxblood and White AsideBside Vinyl
50pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl
250pcs. - Black Flexi Set
250pcs. - Red Flexi Set
500pcs. - Postcard Flexi Set of 5