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The Last Resort - Skinhead Anthems IV

Eight years since the release of their previous studio album, the legendary band The Last Resort are back with a brand new record!

The world has changed a lot over the last few years. The music scene/industry has obviously been affected with no live shows & no new albums etc. Covid-19 has hit mankind hard. The sound, feel and lyrics of this album hit the mood of this time perfectly with a dark & heavy vibe. Those who’ve heard it have referred to it as “Doom Oi!”!

The band has had a lineup change since their last album. Lars Frederiksen of Rancid has now joined on guitar as a full-time member of the band.

11 new songs from the 4 band members. Upon hearing these songs, you will soon realize that you are listening to a classic album.

Opening track “Freedom Pt. 2” pays homage to the opening track from their debut album. “Boots on the Ground” is all about standing your ground & standing up for your rights no matter the cost.

“No Man’s Land” takes a look at some of the horrors of war. The album continues with observations of such diverse subjects as murder, taking chances, football hooligans, learning from your mistakes, war, working class pride, and trying to do the right thing even though it can be tough.

The album was engineered by Pat Collier and mixed & mastered by Michael Rosen! Additional backing vocals by Steve Whale of The Business!

The album artwork has been kept very minimalist which fits perfectly with the tone of the album. The booklet comes with all song lyrics!

1. Freedom Pt.2
2. Boots On The ground
3. No Man's Land
4. Psychopath
5. The Devil You Know
6. T-28
7. New Disease
8. Murder
9. Fuck 'Em All
10. The Hard Way
11. Hell To Pay