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The Ratchets - Essentials 12" Box Set

This career spanning box set will include new, old, and never before heard tracks from the band's discography including the brand new First Light LP. Like previous Pirates Press Records Essentials sets (Cock Sparrer, Rancid, Reducers SF), these records will be housed in a special box with 12" black vinyl to celebrate one of the most important bands in Pirates Press Records' history, and our very own underdogs of punk rock and roll THE RATCHETS. In addition to being packaged as a box set, each record will be available for individual purchase in special colors.

Whether you've been here since the beginning or are new to the party, The Ratchets are set to remind us why they hold a special place in the hearts and playlists of so many die-hard music fans across the globe.

Heart Of Town (PPR209)
Glory Bound (PPR008)
First Light (PPR199)
Odds & Ends (PPR215)

Each release will contain a digital download card.

Heart of Town

Not ones to mince words, The Ratchets open their 2005 debut Heart of Town with the EP's title trackÑ a four-plus minute call-to-arms that sets the pace for the group's brisk dynamic range. On this tune, and the EP-at-large, The Ratchets give us a house tour of their soundÑ a place where reggae, punk, folk, and rockabilly music float in and out of one another with ease. This six song EP, previously out of print and never pressed on vinyl, is The Ratchets first proper release and highlights their very own explosive blend of songwriting.

01. Heart Of Town
02. Iraqi Vice
03. All Debts Get Paid
04. 77A Broadway
05. Johnny Too bad
06. No Reason
Glory Bound

Following the release of their debut LP in 2006, The Ratchets were hailed by many as a younger generationÕs answer to The Clash. This re-release of Glory Bound has some nostalgia attached to it for Pirates Press RecordsÑ it was (after all) our first LP released back in 2006. By the time The Ratchets joined our then-budding roster this four-piece had already amassed both fanfare and critical acclaim. With this release, these New Jersey natives proved themselves to be a dynamic punk rock and roll powerhouse able to island-hop with the best of them.

01. Book of Law
02. Rockers Taking Over
03. Human Amplifiers
04. Irritated
05. Ration
06. Skyjack Sunday Starts
07. DonÕt Wanna Go
08. Cathedral Bells
09. Proclamation Time
10. Born Wrong
First Light

With their recently announced new LP First Light, The Ratchets show the world that theyÕve been carving their own path somewhere between the real world and the stuff of rock and roll dreams. Full of its gunslinger politics and humanist tendencies, First Light is a statement piece from a band whoÕs long since cornered the market on authenticity. From the rousing power-pop hit ÒGotta Be Cool,Ó CLICK HERE to watch the music video) to the punchy socio-political commentary of ÒDotard At The Dial,Ó The Ratchets cover a lot of terrain jamming out proto-punk bangers, ballads, and everything in between.

01. Gotta Be Cool
02. Drone Control
03. Bad Vibes
04. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
05. Dotard At The Dial
06. World Trade Lungs
07. Paterson
08. Fiscal Spliff
09. Stray Emotions
10. War Office No. 9
11. Jammyland
Odds & Ends

In the liner notes to his 1975 ÒMetal Machine MusicÓ Lou Reed quips, ÒMy week beats your year.Ó ItÕs a brazen, yet fitting, introductory statement to the Odds & Ends LP, a collection of outtakes, B-sides, early demos, and covers that beat more than most bandsÕ official releases. This 13-track collection begins with a cover of ÒRock & Roll.Ó When the dust settles on their version of ReedÕs classic they move into the reggae-flavored ÒFederal GirlsÓ and then proceed to bash their way through several rare punk rock and roll bangers, including ÒHoist A New FlagÓ and True Deceiver.Ó

01. Rock & Roll
02. Federal Girls
03. Hoist A New Flag
04. True Deceiver
05. Bridge To Somewhere
06. The Way Things Are
07. Naming All The Wolves
08. 77A Broadway
09. Columbus Stockade Blues
10. The Fire
11. Bottom Rung
12. Ramona CanÕt Punk
13. Oh Yeah
Pressing Information
100pcs. - 4x12" Black Vinyl inside Boxset