THE REAPERS - "Rip It Up" LP - Black Vinyl

This is the debut from this Dutch outfit that are about to rip it up internationally with thirteen songs and an intro. “Rip It Up” could best be described as a heavy-weight, beefed up take on that classic sound of The Templars, early Perkele and The Veros – clean guitars, brute vocals, powerful sing-alongs, catchy riffs and a boot in the face! Though these veteran musicians are not afraid to throw in some Rose Tattoo influences as well, to deliver some proper skinhead rock’n’roll. 
It’s time to rip it up with this powerhouse from The Netherlands!

1. Things Are Bad 
2. Ultra Violence 
3. Ugly Mug 
4. Always The Underdog 
5. Bankers 
6. Never Change 
7. The Righteous Ones

1. Wrong Side Of The River 
2. Sirens Of Sorrow 
3. Broken 
4. Alcohol 
5. On Our Own 
6. FTW 
7. Saturday Night

This release contains a digital download.

“The Reapers take the old Oi! sounds of Last Resort, hype it up with a ton of rock’n’roll energy ala Rose Tattoo and blast through with a Templars and Maddog Surrender spirit.”

Pressing Information

150pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl (North American version) 
350pcs. - 12" White Vinyl (European version)