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The Slackers & Papa B / Sic & Mad - split 7"

The Slackers took a bit of a dive into the proverbial vault for this one, and the Pirates couldn’t help but see the need for a limited 7” to help celebrate how cool this find was!

Sic & Mad are Ara, Marcus and Vic from the Slackers - it's the origin of the Slackers, where Marcus and Vic met. Happy, the singer, is even the reason Dave Hillyard found his way to the band! This session also featured their housemate at the time, Sammy K (when he was in The Forthrights)! All in all, a true slice of Slackers history!

Vic Ruggerio also explains how the collaboration with Papa B came around… “I recorded this on a Japanese tour with The Slackers a few years back at the Mighty Crown Studio. Papa B is a friend of Happy (the singer from Sic & Mad, who lived in Japan for a decade) and he brought Papa B to the shows... (since then Papa B has become a reggae star with international reggae Mighty Crown Sound System). As mutual fans it seemed obvious to try to do a song.”

The results speak for themselves. This release is a special one, a celebration and dive into history if you will - and given that it’s being kept VERY limited, the vinyl too should remain special for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a copy!

Side A: 
1. Love I Bring (The Slackers & Papa B)

Side B: 
1. Cat Prozack (Sic & Mad)

500pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (Big hole)