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THE YOUNG ONES - "Cream Of The Crop" 12" LP

NO Bollocks, JUST Oi! Nearly 15 years ago, four young skins from the deep south of the Netherlands were inspired by the classics of the eighties and decided to form their own Oi! band. Since none of the members had been born at the time of their favourite music, they called themselves THE YOUNG ONES!!! Their music sounded like COCKNEY REJECTS, THE BUSINESS and BLITZ when they ruled the British punk scene. After a very brief existence that saw one 7” EP release, they packed it in in 2007 for various reasons that come up when you are only just finishing high-school, like university and jobs and careers. However, in 2015 they came back! The lads have grown older and they are not quite so “young” any more, but their sound is still the same... pure and classic Oi! The boys from the south of Holland are indeed “the cream of the crop” and that shows on this new mini-LP full of catchy sing-along anthems that have become the trademark of THE YOUNG ONES.

"Knowing that the debut EP of these lads, “This One’s 4 The Young Hearted” (Lionheart Records), dates back to 2006, The Young Ones aren’t exactly the youngest anymore...” and “…if you haven’t heard from this Dutch band before, now is your chance! After ten years there is still no bollocks, just good old Oi! music that is fun, energetic and extremely catchy, while their anthems will leave your throat sour and your knuckles busted for days! Love it!" - American Oi!

Side A: 
1. Cream Of The Crop
2. City 043
3. On The Chin
4. The Jive!

Side B: 
1. B&G
2. Take It From Us
3. Bobby's Guns

This release contains a digital download and die-hard “Cream Of The Crop” embroidered patch.

Pressing Information

300pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Bone Vinyl
100pcs. - 12" Gold w/ Splatter Vinyl