TOP DOG - "Razor Reg" 7" - Black Vinyl

TOP DOG are a rough'n’ready four-piece that hails from the dreary streets of Cumbria, UK and continue to hit it hard with this brand new EP as a follow up to their fantastic debut 12” LP from last year!

Following in the tracks of their recent self-titled LP, this EP contains yet another dose of raw, ultra-violent Oi! and streetpunk!! These new songs sound rough and brutal and are100% British Oi! Just the way we like it!!

This is an extremely limited pressing of only 300 units on Black Vinyl… 

Digital Download included.

1. Razor Reg 
2. Our Turf

1. Riff Raff 
2. Fear No Foe

Pressing Information

300pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl