Twopointeight - What's It Like? - 7"


TWOPOINTEIGHT is one of the most talked about up-and-coming bands out of Sweden, and this EP is a clear example why. Their debut single "Red Eye" and self-titled full-legth "Twopointeight" are both treasured by fans worldwide. Their new full length "Twopointeight II", released in April (2013) on I Scream Records, and this single both just build on that momentum.

Big fans of the band, Pirates Press Records teamed up with I Scream Records to present this 7" in hopes that more Americans catch on to what thousands of Swedes and other Europeans have been hip to for years! The versatility, sheer talent and ingenuity that this band show are profound, and we can only hope that this single and their new full length bring them over to the states sometime soon!

This release includes a digital download card.

Grab a digital download HERE.

Side A: "What's It Like"
Side B: "Outburst


Pressing Information

50pcs. - Black Vinyl
400pcs. - Striped Vinyl (PPR Exclusive)
200pcs. - White Vinyl (Rev Exclusive)