Ultra Sect - Final Conquest - 7" EP


This is the much anticipated follow-up release by this break-out all-star band from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring members of SUEDE RAZORS and HOUNDS & HARLOTS. Bringing a refreshing twist to the sound of American Oi!, their influences include American, British, and French bands such as THE TEMPLARS, ANTI-HEROS, BLITZ and WARRIOR KIDS. With 4 more absolute scorchers on this EP, the demand for ULTRA SECT is growing and they will be playing live for the very first time this month, opening for LION’S LAW.

1. Violent Acquisition
2. Stolen Lands

1. Power Through Glory
2. Modern Nights

This release contains a digital download.

“Their bite and sound is on full display from the searing guitars and snapping vocals… Obvious to any listener would be the time this group has done honing their craft – with the cutting edge of the guitars and the engaging vocals it is the rumble of the bass line and thump of the drums that makes this song an A1 bovver rocker.” - Oi! of America

150pcs. - 7" Black Vinyl (LSM version, hand-numbered)
350pcs. - 7" Yellow w/ Splatter Vinyl (Euro version)